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GRI 102-14

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Valery Limarenko

President of JSC ASE EC, Managing
Company of ASE Group of Companies –
ROSATOM Engineering Division

Letter from the President of Engineering Division

Dear stakeholders,

The Engineering Division of ROSATOM is the leader on the global nuclear facilities design and construction market, and year 2016 wrapped up the final integration of its assets. The Engineering Division is well known to our business partners, it has had the solid reputation of a global reliable provider of engineering services from the date of its establishment. Our strategy aims to achieve leadership in the business core, to be operationally and financially sustainable, which fully meets the objectives of ROSATOM.

The highlights for both the Russian and global NPP market was the first-of-a-kind VVER-1200 power unit connection to the grid at the Novovoronezh nuclear power plant in the recent 2016. This is the world’s first unit of the III+ generation to prove our global leadership.

Other significant landmarks are such as: connection to the grid of units 1 and 2 and start of the Kudankulam NPP units 3 and 4 construction in India, start of the Bushehr-2 NPP construction in Iran. Besides, the contract preparatory works for El-Dabaa NPP construction in Egypt have been finalized. In 2016, the portfolio of overseas contracts passed the mark of 90 bln US dollars.

Upon the resolution of the State Corporation, the Engineering Division became the industry expertise center for facilities construction project management. The 2016 first project implemented successfully construction facilities schedule management solution i.e a unified schedule used as part of the pilot projects, such as: Leningrad-2 NPP, Mining and Chemical Plant, Mayak Production Facility, SKhK JSC.

The company started to actively develop Project Management Consulting (РМС) services: the first consulting contract outside the power industry was signed with “Skorostnii magistrali” company, a subsidiary of JSC "Russian Railways", our strategic customer.

We have been implementing for years a successful project management practice. We continue to develop the unique Multi-D technology, that serves as a foundation of our project lifecycle management framework. It allows to reduce the construction period and to enhance labor efficiency, quality of works and safety, at the same time reducing the project costs.

In 2016 we’ve got the global recognition of this technology when we won WNE AWARD competition (Le Bourget, France) with “Multi-D Project Management System” Project, and it confirms the fact that we have been widely acknowledged by global nuclear power community.

Moreover, we have become the first Russian company to be awarded the international 3 grade certificate in the area of project, programme and portfolio management based on the International Project Management Association (IPMA Delta) model. This is considered to be our next global achievement. Currently all company’s top managers are going through certification in the area of project management in line with IPMA international standards.

Our “Lifecycle management, based on Multi-D® Technology at Rostov NPP” has won the international CETI AWARD 2016 competition in “Mega-Project Multi-Roadmap Element” category which was brought by FIATECH, one of the globally reputable industrial association.

The company continues implementation of its strategic objectives by involving all competitive growth resources in the tough situation when the competition increases on the markets of both NPP construction and complex engineering construction project management services.

Since we are a globally recognized engineering company, information transparency becomes the key issue. We strive to ensure that any stakeholder is able to trace back the historic evolution of our company, witness its major changes, taking into account implementation of its strategic goals and be aware of our plans and prospective commitments.

(GRI 102-14) The approach to the Division’s sustainable development is taken based on the Agenda for the sustainable development until 2030 adopted by the United Nations Commission on Environment and Development. We focus our attention on all aspects of sustainable growth, including employees’ health and well-being, extension of our geography, welfare work, environmental protection etc. In 2016, we supported 59 projects in the area of environmental protection, culture, sports, promotion of patriotism among the youth. The crucial issue is for us to understand that while leaving unique and state-of-the-art facilities to the future generations, we nevertheless preserve the natural resources.

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