3.1. Stakeholder Engagement  

This section includes interactive stakeholder map and description of main communication projects.

In its activities, the Division is pursuing to establish partnership and mutually advantageous relations with all the stakeholders.

3.1.1. Interactions with Stakeholders

The principles of relationship with the stakeholders are as follows:

  • Record and response principle – the Company considers the requests and demands of the main stakeholders, including the interest of those who cannot express their opinion (e.g., the future generations) and timely responds to the grounded requests and proposals.
  • Materiality principle – The Company interacts with the stakeholders on all the issues that are significant for the company and all the interested parties.
  • Mutual benefit principle – the Company strives to build interactions with the parties concerned based on the principle of partnership and mutual benefit.
(GRI 102-40, 102-42, 102-43)
Stakeholders’ rank Map*
Key stakeholdersBasic interestsMethods of interactions
Influenceon Stakeholders Influence onthe Company 0.3 0.8 1.3 1.8 0.3 0.8 1.3 1.8 Suppliers Management Media Customers InternationalOrganizations Bodiesof StateAdministration StateAuthorities(Supervision) Scientificand EducationCommunity PublicOrganizations FinancialInstitutions Staff,Populationof Regions ProfessionalAssociations TradeUnions Shareholders

*The ranking map is based on interviews with the Company’s top management and updated in 2016 by the Task Group elaborating the report which is connected with extension of the Engineering Division's boundaries and change of the public reporting objectives.
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Key Stakeholders
Key stakeholdersBasic interestsMethods of interactions

Shareholders: ROSATOM, JSC “Atomenergoprom”, JSC “Atomstroyexport”

Strategy implementation Economic efficiency.

Business sustainability Business process transparency.

Participation in implementation of the shareholder’s strategic objectives Improvement of the corporate management system Implementation of the ROSATOM production system.

KPI implementation.

See chapters “1. Strategic Overview”, “1.6 Corporate management”, “1.4 Target markets”.

Customers: ROSENERGOATOM CONCERN JSC, NPPD Company of Iran, JSC Slovenske elektrarne”, NPCIL, Akkuyu Nucleer JSC, Jiangsu Nuclear Power Corporation (JNPC), Chinese Nuclear Power Engineering Corporation (CNPE), Chinese Nuclear Energy Industry Corporation (CNEIC), GU DSAE, EVN, FSNPC, NN EGC “Energoatom”

Implementation of construction plans.

Reduction of construction periods and cost.

Improvement of the quality of works.

Participation in the headquarters work. Mastering of up-to-date engineering technologies Bilateral visits.

See sections “1.6 Strategic Overview”, “1.4 Target markets”.

Partners: suppliers, contractors

Acquisition of new orders Company’s financial status.

Prospects of cooperation.

Open bidding Entering into long-term contracts with transparent pricing principles Participation in exhibitions and forums Bilateral visits Building up of strategic parterships.

See chapter “2.1 Production capital”.

Employees and organizations representing employees’ interests: Trade union, Young professionals board, Veterans Board

Company’s development Professional and career promotion.

Labor safety requirements. Fair remuneration.

Personnel qualification upgrade.

Management staff pool programmes.

Social support of employees.

Social partnership.

See Section “2.5 Human Capital”.

Local Authorities

Environmental and radiation safety.

Infrastructure development. Taxes.

Creation of new jobs.

Implementation of social programmes.

Memoranda on cooperation.

Social and charity programmes.

EIA development.

Public counseling offices.

Public accountability.

See chapter “2.6 Social and reputation capital”.

State inspection/supervision authorities

Federal Environmental, Industrial and Nuclear Supervision Service

Meeting Russian and international legal requirements.

Obtaining licenses.

Conducting inspections.


Development of proposals for improvement of legislation.

See See chapter “2.4 Natural capital”.

International nuclear organizations: IAEA, WANO, WNA, Nuclear Energy Agency of the Economic Cooperation and Development Organization

Nuclear power development.

Environmental and radiation safety.

International conferences/exhibitions/forums Joint programmes.

Work in joint committees, commissions, expert teams dealing with nuclear power issues.

Professional associations: the RF Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs

Prospects of cooperation.


Public authorities: the RF Government, RF State Duma, RF Council of Federation

Nuclear power development.

Environmental and radiation safety.

Infrastructure development Taxes.

Creation of new jobs.

Implementation of social programmes.

EIA development.

Work in joint committees, commissions, expert teams dealing with nuclear power issues.

Public accountability.

Contribution to the development of regions of operation.

See chapters “2.1.1. Manufactured capital management”, “2.6. Social and reputation capital”.

Insurance organizations: JSC SOGAZ and other

Civil liability for causing harm due to deficiencies in works in the area of Construction, design and Engineering surveys that affect the safety of Capital construction facilities.

Insurance of civil liability risks and other types of insurance.

See chapters “1.5. Risk management”, “2.1.1. Manufactured capital management”, “2.5.3. Social policy”.

Finance and credit institutions: JSC “AKB SAROVBIZNESBANK”, Volgo-Vyatsky Bank, and other

Financing, debt financing.

Debt financing.

See sections “1.6. Corporate management”.

Scientific community: R&D, Academy of Sciences and other

Development of sectoral research Development of innovative technologies.

Joint programmes.

R&D orders.

Scientific conferences.

See chapter “2.3.1. Intellectual capital management”.

Company’s management

Company’ strategy implementation.

Improvement of the management system.

Efficiency improvement programme.

Population of the regions of operation: Residents, prospective employees

Environmental and radiation safety.

Creation of new jobs.

Contribution to the development of regions of operation.

Public counseling offices.

Social and charity programmes.

EIA development.

See chapters “2.5. Human capital”, “2.6. Social and reputation capital”.

Mass media: Corporate, industry-specific, Russian and foreign media

Provision of prompt access to information about the Company’s information.

Press-conferences and press tours Public accountability.

Updating of information at the site, official weblog, resources in the social networks.

Educational institutions: the National Research Nuclear University (NiYaU MIFI), NSTU, NSU named after N.I. Lobachevsky, Ivanov State Power University, ISPU and other

Personnel target training Development of sectoral research Development of innovative technologies.

Training, retraining and refresher training of employees.

Organization of students’ field periods.

R&D orders.

See chapter “2.5. Human capital”

Environmental organizations: “Oka” interregional environmental movement and others

Social and charity programmes.

Social partnership.

Environmental protection.

Social and charity.


Environmental expeditions.

EIA development.

Public accountability.

See chapter “2.4. Natural capital”.

Novovoronezh NPP (Russia)

3.1.2. Interface With Partners (main 2016 agreements)

As part of the 3rd international "Nuclear Knowledge Management. Challenges and Approaches” conference, JSC ASE EC and Dassault Systèmes signed a cooperation agreement that would allow the Division to expand the use of the 3DEXPERIENCE information platform to create solutions within the PMC business based on Multi- D technologies for the needs of design, construction and operation of major capital objects.

As part of the XXth St-Petersburg International Economic Forum, the Engineering Division and IBM signed a partnership agreement to generate a comprehensive solution for NPP operation management based on the Multi-D and IBM Maximo information platforms. The agreement will complement the “IBM Maximo for Nuclear Power” process platform with the NPP information model generated at the design and construction stage. The main goal is to ensure the digital collection and transfer of data from the design and construction stage to the operation phase.

As part of the ATOMEXPO-2016 International Forum, JSC ASE and SAP CIS, (the Russian division of SAP SE, Germany), signed a Memorandum of Understanding on establishing the expanded cooperation. It focuses on exploring the possibility of working together to generate a prototype of the industry solution for NPP engineering and construction management taking into account the Division’s best practices on the SAP HANA platform.

As part of the 3rd "Integrated Knowledge Management Solutions” International Knowledge Management Forum, JSC ASE EC, the International Project Management Association (IPMA) and the SOVNET National Project Management Association signed a trilateral cooperation agreement.

3.1.3. Information and Communication

Interaction with stakeholders is carried out in all the Division’s regions of operation. The active work with customers, partners, local media, public and environmental organizations, authorities and other stakeholders is carried out in the format of regular meetings, forums, conferences, exhibitions, round tables and press tours to the Division’s NPPs.

The results of interaction with foreign stakeholders can be assessed as positive ones (the estimate is based on AtomSMI.ru data). The Division presents media statistical surveys on Russian and foreign media, Internet resources in which the Company's information field is reviewed on the weekly basis. Year 2016 resulted in the radical decrease of anti-nuclear articles in the media. The public declarations in respect of Russian nuclear technologies in general and the Engineering Division in particular became much more loyal.

Information Activities Management Plans for 2017:

  • building up of information activity, especially in terms the Division’s contribution to expansion of the portfolio of foreign orders, development of PMS services, implementation of Multi-D-based projects;
  • enlarging of the channels for information the target groups (through Internet, social networks), improving of the quality of the divisional content and the amount of information messages;
  • clarification work with opinion leaders, media representatives and other interested parties in order to prevent adverse interpretations of divisional events.

Meeting With Utilities Representatives

In July, the Novovoronezh NPP was attended by CEOs of Slovenske Electrarne Company (the main producer of electricity in Slovakia). The Slovak power engineers were interested in the advanced experience in construction and commissioning of the next-gen power units. The guests visited the Novovoronezh NPP training center and met with representatives of JSC Novovoronezhatomtekhenergo at the site of the NVNPP-2 state-of-the-art power unit.

In May, representatives of the French energy company EDF visited the Novovoronezh nuclear power plants. The EDF representatives were told about the history of the oldest in Russia commercial NPP, experience of upgrading the existing power units, distinctive features of the first Gen III+ Novovoronezh NPP-2 power unit, which is preparing for power start-up, as well as the current design and construction technologies.

(GRI 102-43)

Main Communication Projects of 2016

  • Information support:
  • Ceremony of the Kudanlulam NPP power units 1, 2 handover to the Indian people in the video conference format
  • Ceremony of the first concreting of the Kudankulam NPP Units 3 and 4 foundation plate in the video conference format.
  • Commissioning of the Interim Spent Fuel Storage Facility of the Ignalina NPP, Lithuania.
  • NUCKIDS-2016 Project.
  • Forsage-2016 Forum.
  • Atomskills Project.
  • Sports competition organized by trade unions among companies of Nizhny Novgorod.
  • Commemoration of the 30-year memorial day after the Chernobyl accident.
  • Organization of he groundbreaking ceremony at the Bushehr-2 NPP (Iran).
  • International Atomexpo-Belarus 2016 Forum (Yukiya Amano, IAEA Director General, visited the first Belarus NPP construction site).
  • Press tour to the Tianwan NPP (in China).
  • Press tour to the Kudankulam NPP (in India).
  • International ATOMEXPO-2016 forum (Moscow).
  • Exposition as part of the General IAEA conference (Vienna).
  • Roundtable in Bangladesh “NPP. Environmental protection and safety”. Experience of Russia and Bangladesh in providing information to the public about nuclear power” (Dhaka, Pabna).
  • A series of events “Children and the atom” within the framework of celebration of Independence Day in Bangladesh.
Novovoronezh NPP (Russia)
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