3.2. Public Reporting System  

This section describes Public Reporting System, results of its improvement and plans for the following year.

Ivan Borisov,
Vice-President for Development

Statement of Chairman for Public Reporting

For the Engineering Division taking efforts on both national and global markets, the informational transparency is an issue of primary importance. We understand that the attitude to the nuclear power industry directly depends on the quality and volume of information available to a wide range of stakeholders, therefore we consider the annual report to be one of the effective tools for communication and information.

This is the second public annual report of the ROSATOM Engineering Division. The boundaries of information disclosure were again extended: now the information is revealed also about JSC ATOMPROEKT. Despite the extension of the reporting boundaries, we tried not to enlarge its scope, focusing on essential and priority topics. The priority topics of this year: “Achievement of leading positions in project management, "Company integration and establishment of Engineering Division”. A part of the reporting information is included into the interactive/electronic version which may be studied on out site http:// www.niaep.ru/information_disclosure/Annual_reports/.

We are responsible for the information included in the report and we believe that the report includes all the mandatory elements, it is prepared taking into account the principles and fundamental concepts of the International Standard of Integrated Reporting (International <IR> Framework).

The report was prepared by the joint efforts of our company. The process of its preparation involved as usual representatives of our main stakeholders. This year, the innovative "Rapid Foresight" technology was used again to determine the essential aspects and priority topics. Applied technology allows to form the materiality matrix within a short period of communication by joint efforts of the company’s top management and stakeholders.

I would like to express my special gratitude to representatives of our stakeholders for ongoing close cooperation and interest in the activity of our Company. Within the framework of our cooperation (meetings, discussions, researches) we come to the better understanding of our agenda.

Each year we step up our requirements to public accountability. In the short-term horizon we face some challenges. We plan to expand the scope of the stakeholders involved in the process of report preparation. First of all, these are our foreign partners. We are to implement the public accountability system in organizations included in the expanded scope of Division management. We also plan to include in the report more information interesting for the investment community. We are constantly searching ways to improve our annual reports. And we shall continue to apply up-to-date approaches and methods for this purpose. I’m sure we will meet all the challenges ahead of us!

In 2016, the functional responsibility for the preparation of the public annual report was transferred from the Companies’ Investments and Economy Department to the JSC ASE EC Strategy Department. I.A. Borisov, Vice-President for Development of JSC ASE EC was appointed a Chairman of the Committee on Public Reporting.

Public reporting system (PRS) was established in the Company in 2010. Due to expanding of the management scope of the Engineering Division the system has been under reorganization from 2015. The project of upgrading of public reporting system is under development. The project will be launched in 2017–2019.

Public Reporting System of the Engineering Division

Detailed information about the existing PRS is provided in Report for 2015.
Scrollable table
2016 Results of PRS Improvement
Scopes of works Results
Improvement of the public reporting quality A study of the significant impacts of the Engineering Division organizations and delineation of reporting boundaries in the 2016 report due to the changed management framework
Investigation of the best practices of integrated reports preparation
Organization of the report expert assessment by the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs’ Center for Corporate Social Accountability and Non-Financial Reporting
The 2015 report is included into the IIRS database as one of the “Main principles of report preparation and presentation” best international practices of the contents element disclosure and implementation of the materiality principle
Interactions with Stakeholders Investigation of the best Russian and foreign interaction practices with the stakeholders
Improvement of the regulatory and methodical basis The company’s standard “Procedure for preparation of the annual public report of the Engineering Division of ROSATOM for the reported period” is updated
Scrollable table
The Report’s Awards in 2015
Industry competitions
The public accountability contest of ROSATOM organizations (competition in the nuclear industry) 2nd place in the overall rating list
Winner in the “Efficiency of public reporting and interactions with stakeholders” category
National competitions
The rating of the corporate transparency of the major Russian companies in 2016 1st place in the overall rating list
The yearly competition of the annual Moscow Exchange reports "For the integrated reflection of the sustainability subjects in the annual report” special award
The annual rating of the RAEX rating agency annual reports (Expert RA) The 5* level (the highest quality of AR)
International competitions
MarCom Awards The platinum award in the “Corporation – the best corporate annual report” category
The platinum award in the “Corporation – the best design of the annual report” category
The platinum award in the “E-Annual Report – the best interactive report” category
Australasian Reporting Awards Golden award, Finalist in Best First Time Entry Nomination
APEX (Award for publication excellence) Winner in the "Best annual report” category
LACP Vision Awards 2015/2016 6th place in the top-50 annual reports
The platinum award in the “The best financial report” category
Platinum award for achievements in the industry for the annual report preparation
Scrollable table
2017 plans for PRS improvement
Scopes of works Results
PRS upgrading Development of PRS upgrading project connected with enlargement of the management framework
Upgrading of the existing information collection processes for public accountability due to enlargement of the management framework
Training workshop with the dedicated departments specialists
Interactions with Stakeholders Development of the interaction concept with the stakeholders, first of all with foreign stakeholders (as part of the PRS upgrading project)
Development of the project for interactive platform upgrading for interaction with stakeholders
Improvement of the public reporting quality Investigation of the best practices of integrated reports preparation
Improvement of the regulatory and methodical basis Updating of the Public Reporting Standard, Regulations on the Public Reporting Committee, Regulation on the Commission of Stakeholders
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