Financial and Operational Highlights 

GRI 102-7
(GRI 102-7)

The 10-year Portfolio of Overseas Orders, bln USD

Revenue, bln RUB

The decline in actual revenues in 2016 against those in 2015 was accounted for by the change of NPP unit construction stages and decrease in the amount of underconstruction units.). In 2017 we account for the revenue growth stipulated by active stage on new construction projects.

The 10-year Portfolio of New Businesses, bln RUB

Construction of RAW and SNF management facilities, construction of low- and medium- capacity research reactors, PMC-services, NPP service.


The significantly growing index is connected with the compensations paid by Bulgaria due to its refusal of the Belene NPP construction.

Labour Productivity Calculated by Own Profit, mln RUB / person

Release of Pollutant Substances, tons

The Average Headcount of Staff, persons

The manpower change is caused by completion of works at the construction project sites and organizational changes in the Division by measures undertaken to enhance the labour productivity and business efficiency.

Expenditures for Environmental Protection Measures, mln RUB

The reduction of expenditures for environmental protection measures at operational facilities in 2016 was caused by introduction and active use of electronic document circulation system, increase of the scope of paper materials handed over to archives which resulted in reduced volume of produced paper waste.

Number of Power Units in the Company’s Portfolio

The company’s portfolio includes power units for which contracts and other documents are signed with the stated obligations as to the NPP construction deadlines and cost.
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