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Annex 1. Accounting Statements

Annex 2. Auditor’s Opinion on Financial Statements of JSC ASE EC, JSC ASE, JSC Atomenergoproekt and JSC ATOMPROEKT

Annex 3. Opinion of Internal Control and Audit Department

Annex 4. Non-Financial Auditor’s Opinion

Annex 5. GRI Content Index

Annex 6. Organizational Structure of Engineering Division

Annex 7. Report of the Board of Directors on Performance Results

Annex 8. Details of Members of the Board of Directors

Annex 9. Information on Major Transactions

Annex 10. Injury Rate

Annex 11. Information on Wages by Region of Presence

Annex 12. Energy Resources

Annex 13. Results in the Field of Environmental Protection

Annex 14. Occupational Safety Management

Annex 15. President’s Committees of JSC ASE EC

Annex 16. Conclusion on the Public Certification of the Russian Regional Network for Integrated Reporting

Annex 17. Subsidiaries, Branch and Representative Offices of the main companies of Rosatom Division

Annex 18. Total Number of Employees by Employment Type and by Employment Contract

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Glossary This section contains both dictionary of used specific sectoral terms and abbreviation list.